Fashion Designer & Dressmaker

As a dressmaker based in Cheshire, Johannah offers a design,
dressmaking and fitting services for ladies of all shapes and sizes.

The designs range include:

Evening wear, made-to-measure suits, unique statement pieces,
special occasion wear, prom dress, wedding gowns and wardrobe essentials.

6 great reasons to commission a dressmaker to create a bespoke garment?

  • Have individual style requirements : ‘I like to be different and have unique pieces in my wardrobe.’
  • Want something that fits: ‘I can’t get clothes to fit me and it is so frustrating.’
  • Want a confidence boost: ‘I feel fantastic when I am wearing styles that suit me and fit well.’
  • Want to copy a beloved garment: ‘Why didn’t I buy it in every colour, when I had the chance?’
  • Need a wardrobe makeover: ‘I keep wearing the same clothes and want a fresh look’
  • Need an outfit for a special occasion: ‘What DO I wear?
  • Have seen the perfect look in a magazine or online: ‘I want THAT look, how do I get it?’

See below for more about the consultation process

A Clothing & Re-make service, with the added benefit of a collection and delivery service.

For enquiries email or telephone 07702703300.

The Consultation Process

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Please feel free to contact Johannah with a description and photographs of your idea, by email, phone or social media or use the

Contact Page.

It may be possible to share an estimated budget with you at this stage.

Typical Process For a Bespoke Garment

  • The first stage of creating a bespoke garment is an initial discussion with Johannah, usually by phone to get the basic requirements defined in terms of garment design, potential fabrics & timescales.
  • Next, a consultation at your home to develop the design and take measurements. This is where you can show any of your garments/wardrobe contents that will help us with fit & style process. Johannsh will then be able to establish a make-up price, excluding materials. This consultation appointment is from £55.
  • Together we can create a made to measure garment for you. You’re welcome to bring any images or clothing to a design consultation so we can draw up a bespoke design.
  • Johannah can produce a number of sketches, supply fabric swatches and recommend trimmings.
  • After choosing the final design you will have your first toile fitting.
  • Following the final fabric choice there will be approximately another three-to-four fittings, depending on the complexity of the design.
  • This careful process ensures that you go on to possess a garment of fine quality, individual style – and one which is guaranteed to fit like a glove!

Charges for Made-to Measure:

Depending on the type of garment  the style, the complexity of the construction and the fabric you choose, charges vary quite significantly. We can give you some idea of charges if you are happy to send us a photograph of the type of garment you have in mind. The next step will be to book your initial consultation with Johannah, in which you will discuss your garment.  The appointment is free of charge. A estimate is provided for you to decide to go ahead with your very own made to measure/bespoke project.

Having bought six dresses online, I was getting more and more depressed about finding anything that fitted properly, never mind actually liking it!  I am 6 ft tall and a size 14/16 and most evening dresses are just not cut to fit my frame.

We all have styles/shapes that we know work for us and it was great to be able to take aspects of dresses I do like and show them to Johannah. It gave us the ideas that started the design process and ended up with a dress that I love and totally exceeded my expectations!

I was impressed that Johannah took the time to make the toile so had anything not looked/felt right we had the option of changing it before starting on the actual dress.

I was also very grateful that you didn’t mind doing the fittings where I work, from a time perspective that was so helpful.

The biggest risk for anyone buying a bespoke garment is the worry that you won’t like it when it’s finished so I think it’s probably important to stress that it’s a process that has a number of points where you can adjust/change the design as you go along!