Originally from Yorkshire and moving to Cheshire in my early 20s to follow a corporate career in finance. I now live in the Cheshire countryside with my partner and dog, Talli.
My passion for being both artist and dressmaker makes life varied, enormous fun and full of surprises.
I am also an enthusiastic cook, gardener and yogi too!


My love of sewing started at a very young age, growing up with both my Mother and Grandma making clothes. I remember making clothes for my dolls/toys!
Later, I would make all my own evening dresses and work suits and it’s the love of having an outfit not on the high street and made to fit that has always motivated my dressmaking. I have a City & Guilds in Fashion & Design and recently entered the Great British Sewing Bee!
I have yet to meet the person with “standard” body measurements… 


You can get lost in art.. other artists or your own work! Capturing colour, emotions and atmosphere through a painting or drawing.
The human figure is one of the most challenging things to represent, but people can relate immediately to the image and situation.. it’s great fun.

I work in both line/watercolours and oils, very different and equally interesting.

My Philosophy

To design and create a bespoke garment or unique piece of art, that makes a person feel amazing, happy or compliments their live.

We are all individuals, that deserve individual style.

Photography by Paul Worpole Photography

Follow your passion and success will follow you…